State of Flow: The home of pediatric Biodynamic Osteopathy & Biofield Cleansing on the Sunshine Coast

  • 6 year osteopathic qualification at the European College of Osteopathy (COE), Germany
  • 12 years of experience treating newborns and children, being the go-to Osteopath for pediatric specialists, midwives and lactation consultants in southern Germany
  • Post-graduate teaching in pediatric Biodynamic Osteopathy with Dr. James Jealous (USA), treating newborns as young as 1 week old.
  • Torsten and his wife have 3 kids (incl. twins) with caesarian and natural births, so have first-hand experience. After a successful natural birth of the twins, Torsten treated them osteopathically the day after. Both slept completely through the night from their 3rd week onwards after birth. No waking, no feeding, just peaceful rest at night.

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